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Cohutta Cove Mini Golf & Gem Mining offers a world of excitement conveniently located in Blue Ridge, GA. We have so many opportunities for fun featuring 18 holes of award winning miniature golf, a 50+ foot covered gem mining sluice, and fun for the whole family!



Mini Golf Rates


Adults: $11.00/per game

Children (4-12): $9.00/per game

Seniors: 9.00/per game

Gem Mining Rates


Medium Bag$13.00 (appx. 9 oz of gems)

Comes with collection bag & gem identifier card


Large Bag:  $17.00 (appx. 12 oz of gems)

Comes with collection bag & gem identifier card


Combo Packages


Medium Gem Mining Bag + 18 Hole Mini Golf: $20.00


Large Gem Mining Bag + 18 Hole Mini Golf: $25.00

Great for private parties, tournaments, fundraisers, large groups & field trips!

Food & Drink

Snacks & Drinks


~ Chips ~


Ruffles Original

Doritos Red & Blue

Lays Original



 Popcorn Cocktails

Hot Drinks


~ Espresso ~

Cafe Bustelo

~ Coffee ~

Starbucks Caramel

French Vanilla


Dunkin Donuts Original

Dunkin Donuts Decaf

~ Hot Chocolate ~

Swiss Miss

Cold Drinks



Brisk Iced Tea

Mountain Dew

Dr. Pepper

Diet Dr. Pepper


Diet Coke

Bottled Water

Hours & Info

Hours of Operation


Sunday thru Thursday 12pm-6pm

Friday & Saturday 12pm-8pm

Holiday Hours:

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 12pm-6pm

New Year's Eve & New Year's Day 12pm-6pm

We are OPEN when everyone else closes!

Feel free to call us 706-946-1920!

Reasons to be OPEN:

  • Sunshine and good weather OPEN

  • Light rain or drizzling OPEN depending how wet the greens get!

  • Cold temperatures OPEN so dress warm & have a hot cup of espresso, coffee or hot chocolate to keep you toasty!

  • Snowing OPEN until golf ball can’t roll in the snow anymore and your putter becomes a snow plow!

Reasons to be CLOSED:

  • Monsoon rains

  • Blizzards

  • Gale force winds

  • Tidal Waves

  • Hurricanes

You get it!! We're OPEN!

Those days where weather hinders your putting plans, our covered 50+ foot gem mining sluice stays open!

Questions? Comments?


Please call our office number during business hours 706-946-1920 or call Helen after-hours at 727-515-1558.

So come on out, have some fun in the great outdoors & make some awesome memories!

Putt on!

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